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March 2021

Zoom Class schedule

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If your internet won't allow you to Zoom, we have many video classes available with our excellent faculty as well! simply email us!

Please note:

All classes are via Zoom at this time.


5:30-6:45 pm       Ballet II / III  - Fleming Lomax

7:00-7:30 pm       Pointe II - Fleming Lomax


3:30-4:00 pm       Creative Ballet (ages 3-6) - Allison Hertzberg

4:15-5:00 pm       Ballet I (ages 7 - 10) - Allison Hertzberg

6:00-7:15 pm       Ballet II with Teen/Adult Ballet (ages 11+) - Allison Hertzberg

7:30-8:00 pm       Pointe I / Pre-Pointe - Allison Hertzberg


4:45-6:00 pm      Teen/Adult Modern / Contemporary (ages 10+) - Megan Jones Medford 

6:30-7:45 pm      Ballet II / III - Tricia Renshaw 


No Zoom classes


No Zoom classes


No Zoom classes


Spring Break: April 2-9, 2021

Classes are taught by professionals and are available for 3 year olds to advanced teens and adults.
All ages are approximate; consult instructors for proper placement.



Single class = $ 17, but you’ll need to be enrolled in advance to get the class invite

30 minute class = $56/ calendar month

45 minute class = $58/ calendar month

75 minute class = $62/ calendar month

DISCOUNTS: *2 classes/week = 5%   *3 classes/week = 10%    *4 classes/week = 15%   

*5 classes/week = 20%
(Families add classes and apply discount; no discounts on single class rate)

•    No registration fees for any classes
•    We accept check/card
•    Gift certificates available
•    Donations are welcome

Missed classes (due to technical difficulties, weather, loss of internet for instructor or student, etc) may be made up by emailing us for an invite to a different Zoom class, or by training with any of our many video class offerings. 

**Classes are subject to change depending upon enrollment**

mailing address: Asheville Academy of Ballet, 4 Weaverville Highway, Asheville, NC 28804